Flight Etiquette: What You Need To Know

Passenger not sharing space

Air travel has been around for years now and even though it is not the most used mode of transportation in Uganda, it has slowly picked up. Borders open up and economies boom because people are able to transact from one country to another. Air travel has contributed to employment ...


Here’s What You Should Know Before Thrill Seeking

Bungee Jumping on River Nile, Uganda, Africa.

Deep down most people love living for the thrill, from childhood the ideas of jumping into lakes from cliffs to swinging on tree branches. We all love the feeling that comes with thrills, the only difference is some people are more daring than others. Thrill seekers are people who are ...


A Week Through Kampala’s Favourite Restaurants

outside dining in Kampala, Uganda

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa.” Uganda has many delicious cuisines many of which represent the tribes and cultures served across the country. Kampala being the capital city and central business hub of the country, has a vast array of restaurants that boost of delicious ...


Why Seychelles Should Be Your Next Destination

Seychelles, Africa

The Seychelles is an island country in the Indian Ocean off the shores of East Africa. The country is made up of 115 islands which are some of the most sought after tourist destinations in Africa. Seychelles was colonised by the British and attained independence in 1976 from which it ...


Sailing Spots Around Africa

Sailing in Africa

Sailing is when you employ the wind to propel, a boat or any other vessel on the surface of a big water body. The activity has been adopted as a sport for centuries although mostly in European countries and it is gradually picking up in some African countries. There are ...


Ugandans Need To Do Better In Promoting Uganda

IAAF World Cross Country Championships 2017 in Uganda

As the International Associations of Athletics Federation World Cross-country event that was held over the weekend unfolded, there was so much noise about what could have been done to promote it even better than we did. The event falls under the sports tourism section that Uganda neglects when it comes ...


Kibuli Mosque: More Than A Beautiful View

Kibuli Mosque, Kampala, Uganda

Towering over 1,211 above sea level, Kibuli hill is among the several hills that make up Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The hill is located a few minutes from lake victoria, and if you are at the top you get a beautiful view of the lake shores as well ...


Jumia Travel Hospitality Industry Report Uganda 2017

Jumia Travel Report 2017

“I would like to applaud Jumia Travel for this report because statistics are very important for us gauging the performance of the tourism sector in this country.”- James Ssebagala, Uganda Tourism Board at the unveiling of the report at the Urban By CityBlue hotel. Full report here The research shows ...


Foodie-cation Guide To The World

A true foodie

A foodie is any person that loves food. Everyone in the world qualifies to be one, but an actual foodie is that who will go the extra mile for good food as well as willing to be adventurous with the tastes of the world. There are countries whose cuisines are ...


Why Travelers Prefer Using Online Travel Agencies

Booking your Travel itinerary online

With the rapid growth of technology every passing year, many developments in different sectors of the economy emerge; creating employment opportunities and ease of which some of the work is done. Online Travel Agencies are part of a wave of e-commerce businesses that solely operate online but usually have partners ...