Sundowner Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

This remarkable cruise offers great hippo sightings as well as eagle, elephant and much more!

The boat cruise on the Kazinga channel usually lasts for 2 hours and it gives visitors the opportunity to see a variety of yawning hippos in water, water birds, buffaloes, elephants, zebras, the Uganda-kobs, topis, water bucks, bush bucks, reed bucks, duiker, mongoose, swamp antelopes, spotted hyena, warthog, forest hog and in difficult routes in the south.

The Kazinga Channel is a 32 kilometer long channel that links Lakes Edward and George. This beautiful channel, located in Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda,  is very rich in wildlife, especially during drier months. The channel provides visitors the perfect view of the park’s wildlife, which venture down to the shores of the channel to drink. A diverse range of mammals are attracted to the water from birds to reptiles, including the African crocodile. Lions and leopards can even sometimes be spotted as they come to drink from the water.

The channel is a natural magnet for water birds that move along the Albertine Rift. While on the cruise look out for the vast number of different bird species – up to 60 bird species can be seen, such as the Great White and Pick-backed Pelicans, Great and Long-tailed Carmorants, Common Squacco Heron, African Open-Billed Stork, White-faced Whistling, Knob-Billed Ducks and  African Fish Eagle.

Boat trips provide a wonderful opportunity to photograph the many animals, which come to forage or cool off at the waters’ edge. This is one of the highlights of any visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park!