Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge

The gorge is another world on its own. Enter into this amazing Gorge and you will be marveled by the verdant, rich Tropical Rain-forest right close to the Equator crossing.

The stunning Kyambura (or Chambura) Gorge also called the “Valley of Apes” is located in the far eastern corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park in south western Uganda. Approximately 1 km across at its broadest point, and about 100 meters deep, this gorge is actually drained by River Kayambura. The landscape is among the most impressive you will find in Uganda and it is swarmed with a rich wildlife bio-diversity that comprises of primates, wild animals as well as birds.

chimpanzee-in-KyamburaWhile the Savannah above has a reasonable amount of light, plus sun shine that offers brightness, the tree canopy within this under-ground forest comprised of rich blocks of plant life shuts out most of the sun rays and unless you are standing within a clearing you certainly will not require sunglasses or sun- hats to have a clearly view of the great assortment of Wonders within this Kyambura Gorge.

Some of the Chimpanzees in this gorge have been habituated, which process took close to 2 years meaning that these chimpanzees are familiar with humans and can carry on their day to day activities in the presence of humans.